#Trying_to_tell_through_a_small_video_clip#what_is_good_touch_bad_touchchild_molestation_and_physical abuse are so very rampant. Every other day we get to hear stories about a child being molested or touched inappropriately. What’s more, children who fall prey to this are normally below six years of age. They are too young and innocent to know the difference between right and wrong because the abuser is generally someone known to them and the family. Therefore, while it is a terrible subject to talk about, parents must get out of their ‘discomfort’ zone and educate their children about this issue to keep them safe and sound.#What_is_good_touch_and_bad_touch? #Good_touch: A touch that makes a child feel secure, cared for, and happy. For example, a mother hugging a child or a grandparent kissing their child, or a doctor examining a child. Any touch that makes the child happy or secure is a good touch.#Bad_touch: A touch that makes a child uncomfortable, afraid or nervous is a bad touch. The child will not feel safe with a bad touch. For example, if an adult touches your child and tells him or her not to tell anyone, or if your child feels very uncomfortable when kissed or touched, then it’s a bad touch.

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