Our Mission : Give Hope To Those Who Need It Most!

At KarmaPath, We aim to rebuild hope where it’s been damaged or lost. We work with those in need, those who are underprivileged, and those who are underserved to rebuild and restructure. Our focus lies on community efforts, including small-scale construction protects, shelter, food aid, community awareness, and educational opportunities. We firmly believe it takes a village to raise a child, and if you work on creating the most well equipped society you can, so many problems simply work themselves out.

Contact – 8586908800 for fighting Corona Virus like a hero and help people in best possible way.

How You Can Get Involved

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Charity Begins at Home

We all are family those who wants to work for a single cause and this is helping the humanity. For the same everyone has their own part to do. Want to Donate?

Health Camps 

Maintaining healthy, happy environments is an important, and often neglected part of aid work. We work with local community organizers…


“If you teach a man to fish…” Education gives everyone the tools they need to succeed through their lives.


Empty stomachs hurt. They break concentration and make the future seem impossible. Giving food is essential to creating health.


Children Placed

Thousand Raised

Meals Distributed

What We Do

Karmapath started with a single objective- “SERVE THE HUMANITY”, by taking care this in mind we have dine various projects that helps the people that comes in our connection. 

We help the cause. We have successfully helped thousands of people with our strong willing of social service. We contributed for CANCER patient, College students with Internship, distributing meals in pandemic (CORONA Viris), teaching to underprivileged students, health camps and much more.

Our Mission

We are working for the cause so the primary thing is always a cause for us to work on. 

Simply, our mission is to reach with as many as people we can and spread love and needful things that uplift their life.

Become a Sponsor. Get Involved.

Cause can’t be run by a single person. If you like our way of doing things then we request you to come and join us for a better execution and helping of society in a very well way like a family.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Your single help can change lot of lives. Contribution not always happen in monetary forms. You can also give your expirence and time as a contribution.

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